Social Responsibility

For our employees Pactics provides a safe and welcoming environment. We fully follow and adhere to the guidelines of ILO’s Better Factories. The factory has been SA8000 certified in 2015.

Salaries are of course fully in line with local regulations and laws. We have done a living wage research in 2015 to verify that we were right on track. Employees receive 44 days of paid holiday. Working week is 48 hours. Minimum age to work at Pactics is 18 years.

Training and Education

For most of our employees this is their very first formal working experience. A rigorous 5-day training program forms the start for everyone. This program trains everyone on safety, labor rights, hygiene, sexual harassment, the way we work, how to collaborate, all do’s and don’ts in a factory setting.

Employees are also supported in further study and training. We sponsor at this moment for 2 Pactics employees their university degree in engineering.

Health and Safety

We provide a health and accident insurance for our people. This means that in case of illness a doctor can be seen and action taken. There is a first-aid room staffed by trained nurse on site and open for consulting.

Every day our cook makes sure all our people enjoy a healthy, well-balanced lunch. Vegetables, fruits, brown rice and meat are served. Our employees are invited to give their opinion and suggestions for the menu. This lunch is subsidized by Pactics.

Clean Water for Drinking

Pactics has its own well and purification installation for drinking water for the employees.

Child Care

There is an on-site child care facility with trained child care staff. All employees can bring their children in ages from 3 to 12/15 months for free to the child care on site so they can breast feed their babies. After 15 months, we subsidize $15 per month for child care arranged off site (but screened by us).

Safety First when arriving at the factory and leaving for home

Pactics pays 50% of motor bike helmets for all staff. We support our staff for their motor bike license and make sure they drive responsibly. All around Siem Reap you will see the blue helmets with ‘Pactics cares’ sticker.

Financial Literacy

Our employees often have their very first official job with us. This means that many things are new, and one of them is to receive a monthly income. For payments of salaries we have arranged best structure with bank accounts, in addition we have discussed with banks for best savings accounts. Financial literacy programs have been set up to teach our employees what it means to have a regular income and how to deal with this. Information will help to save money for education of their children etc.

Learn English

In a country where school is not always nearby or accessible, language skills are often underdeveloped. We support and teach all employees that want to learn English, want to read and write with lessons on site.

Keep fit: Join Sports and Leisure Activities

Next to this a variety of activities are organized. There is a Pactics soccer team, we facilitate yoga classes and other sports activities. There is a library on site where books can be borrowed.

Most of these activities are initiated by our own people. They also take responsibility for organizing the activities. We facilitate and support where we can.


Our model of sustainable production brings benefits for all involved. Our people have a safe and welcoming working environment, they earn a decent income and have the opportunity to grow their careers. We improve the lives of our people, we have a very dedicated workforce that ensures that our customers get great products.